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1st Tamaya performance
Art in the Afternoon 07Feb2015
Last night at the Bistro
Corrales Bistro Brewery - on a Friday night
ABQ Natural History Museum


After Gig
Hearing other local musicains
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1st Tamaya performance

We had a fabulous night last at Tamaya Resort on the patio of the Rio Grande Lounge. Our thanks to our family, friends and co-workers who came out last night to support us. The people staying at the hotel were a great crowd - can't wait to get back there in 2 weeks!
I'm honored to work with Steve Hill, Joe Encee, and Josh Coleman - such pros and we work well together.  Look out, Albuquerque, for Josh Coleman, who's an amazing sax soloist! (

Art in the Afternoon 07Feb2015

We had a GREAT afternoon of performing at the Albuquerque Museum on Saturday.
We give thanks to our friends and family who came out to support Art in the Afternoon at the Albuquerque Museum - on Saturday, February 7th, 2015.
And, thanks to our new fans! Please stay tuned for future performances. Thanks!
     Nick Luchetti - drums
     Mark Hornbacher - trumpet
     J.R. Williams - bass, flute, sax, clarinet
     Bobbie Mota - keyboard, vocals

Last night at the Bistro

I love the Corrales community. I played last night for the first time on the patio at the Corrales Bistro Brewery. My view overlooked Cottonwood trees and part of the Sandia Mountains. So beautiful as the sun went down. When it got dark, some small spiders came to visit me and set up shop on the musicstand lights. I have a bit of a spider phobia but I had to get a handle on it so as not to distract from the performance.
I love it when people come to chat me up. Had quite a few people come up, including musicians.

Corrales Bistro Brewery - on a Friday night

Had a great time Friday night at Corrales Bistro Brewery. Generous people there. The more I play there the more I understand what the crowd likes. First of all, they need low volume so they can enjoy their conversations. Then, there are the people who like a subset of the music I cover...this Friday I covered 5 or 6 Steely Dan songs which seemed to get some people singing along. I appreciate these folks; I feel welcome there.  Thanks CBB!

ABQ Natural History Museum

We performed yesterday as a duo in the afternon at the ABQ Natural History Museum. I played with JR Williams on sax and flute. We were originally set to play in the lobby but were moved to the small auditorium because of a wedding - no problem - we were now center stage in the auditorium. That was a nice surprise when I'm accustomed to performing in the background. Nice to have some kids there too as we also played some holiday music and had them sing along. We played for a nice audience, and had some friends come out to hear us as well.

Albuquerque (ABQ) 2013 Holiday Stroll gig

Someone who contacted me via the website suggested I share more on my blog, so here goes...
Had a wintery blast last night playing outside for the Albuquerque Holiday Stroll for an hour - talk about paying your dues as a musician! I had enough layers on, but eventually the cold started affecting my hands and the keyboard LED display eventually just showed a faint white screen. I used to live in New England so I know how to dress for the cold, and I was drinking honey for my throat, but I should be smarter about what is not good for the equipment.

The Bistro

Had my first solo performance tonight and had a good time  - was welcomed by the folks at the Bistro...Looking forward to going back in December. The acoustics work well for a solo performance there. Multiple musicians can easily drown out the place.

Old Town - balloon fiesta pre-festivities

Performed today as a duo at Old Town at Plaza Hacienda, with the amazing Stu Sacco on drums. Good weather and good people. My thanks goes to all of the generous out-of-towners and new people we met throughout the day. Thanks as well to Chuy Martinez, head of Cultural Serices for the City of Albuquerque, for the opportunity. The shop owners for Genuine Southwest Arts & Gifts were very cool to us - I bought  a pair of handcrafted earings from them and wore them for the gig. Check out their website at

Corrales Bistro Brewery

Really enjoyed myself Friday night at the Bistro. I'm lucky - I surround myself with musicians who are real pros - they have the experience, good attitudes, and help me bring up my game. Our only challenge was keeping the volume low. I played with Stu Sacco on drums - wow! (follow Stu Sacco on Facebook) and JR Williams on flute and sax - what a soloist. It's such a pleasure to work with other musicians who can play any genre of music, and excel at it! It keeps me striving to get better.

Hearing other local musicians

Sorry if you're seeing this a second time...
Took the family last night to have dinner and hear Spankey Lee perform at the Bistro. My hubby's team, the St. Louis Rams, won their season opener, so we were sure it  would be a buena noche...and it was! :) Spankey plays soothing folk guitar and has a polished voice. He also gave me some ideas with using a vocal harmonizing box - he made it look easy. Thanks for the shout out last night, Spankey; it will all come back around, my friend.
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