it's time to gather... - All Around Mota
Ray Avila, bass & vocals
Are you looking for musical entertainment for your evening crowd or corporate event?
All Around Mota
provides quality live musical entertainment;  performing latin, blues and pop for the laid back listener. They play a wide range of music, spanning decades from the 1930s to today's music. Whether in the background or as the main event, All Around Mota adds sultry grooves to any atmosphere.
All Around Mota consists of vocals, keyboard, drums, and soloists, performing songs in both Spanish and English. All Around Mota is available for quartet, trio, duo, or solo performances...whatever you need.
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photo above -
back row, left - Steve "Hurricane" Hill (guitar & vocals)
back row, right - Joe Encee - percussion
front, left - Joshua Coleman - saxophone
front, right - Bobbie Mota - vocals, keyboard
There's more to come... 
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